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Pisco: is a city from the middle of the south of Peru; the name in quechua means "bird".  

Its characteristics: the region has a rich historic heritage and a enviable geographic location. Its climate is dry and sunny throughout the year. 

Earthquake: struck on August 15th, 2007; and had a magnitude of 7,9 on the moment magnitude scale. 

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In August 2007, a terrible earthquake devastated the region of Pisco (Peru) leaving the area in a catastrophic situation and most of its inhabitants in absolute poverty.

The Casa Hogar Illary' Ika (previously known as Casa Hogar San Jacinto) which name means "Dawn flower" was built in 2010. Its objective is to ease this situation of poverty, that still remains, by offering food and educational support to the children from the villages of San Jacinto and Santa Clara.

In this project we strive towards letting the children grow in a secure environment, receive a healthy diet and have access to an education that will allow them to leave the circle of poverty in which they live.

You can work as a volunteer mantaining the center and helping the children with their school homework and any other school support in the primary level.